Set up distributed
workers in one day

Imagine a distributed workforce that you can manage from anywhere, scale up or down whenever you need to, effortlessly and securely. Every worker has their customized virtual desktop or business critical apps streaming to any device, with all sensitive data stored securely on the world’s highest-performing cloud network.

Make all of that possible and more with itopia, the leading cloud workload automation & orchestration solution, purpose-built for Google Cloud Platform.

Why is itopia + Google Cloud Platform the best choice?

Together, itopia and Google unlock every benefit of cloud computing while slashing costs and eliminating the complexity of legacy on-premises infrastructure. Whether you’re migrating from old-school VDI from vendors like Citrix or VMware, or are starting a brand new cloud environment for virtual desktops & apps, itopia makes it easy to get started quickly and securely:

  • Rapidly deploy and enable a distributed workforce at any scale in minutes, from anywhere.
  • Earn higher end-user satisfaction with high performance VMs on GCP’s low latency network
  • Give your hard-working teams a productive virtual environment they can access securely from any device
  • Empower your IT team to deliver strategic value to your company while letting itopia’s automation manage the day-to-day
Financial Services
Reduce data center footprint and ensure data security with centralized control over user devices.

Companies with recent M&A can quickly on-board workers with secure access to critical Windows apps to accelerate productivity.

Ensure business continuity by quickly adhering to compliance mandates and safeguard against data breaches.

Clinicians can access virtual EMR apps to pull up secure patient information from any device as they move about their hospital or clinic, or work remotely.

Transmit critical medical imaging and patient data instantly and improve patient outcomes, rather than wait days to transfer by physical means.

Sensitive data is protected in the cloud away from user devices, and adheres to HIPAA compliance due to Google Cloud’s ultra-secure network.

Workers across the supply chain can access Windows apps such as AutoCAD or ERPs such as SAP on any device, anywhere. itopia enables businesses to maintain the integrity of their existing applications and databases and access them simply and securely from Google Cloud.

Reduce data center footprint and eliminate recurring hardware refresh cycles of rising capital expenditures. itopia + Google Cloud is 100% OpEx and pay-as-you-go, enabling maximum flexbility.
BPO & Contact Centers
itopia’s cloud-native software simplifies the delivery of virtual desktops & apps on Google Cloud, enabling a distributed workforce of back office employees and contact center agents to work from any device.

Onboarding and offboarding end-users can be accomplished rapidly due to itopia’s automated provisioning features.

Multi-user sessions drastically reduce costs by enabling multiple end-users to share resources from a single VM, all while maintaining peak performance.
Enable developers to create new custom VM images as per their requirements or bring their own images to GCP. itopia uses automation to rapidly provision cloud environments with custom images and auto-scales VMs within 24 hours.

Developers and QA teams can focus on doing their day-to-day activities with worrying about their environment setup.

ISVs can also benefit from virtualizing legacy applications in the cloud. itopia can make any app “cloud-native” by running in through a virtual environment accessible from any secure browser. No need to re-architect an app from scratch.