Deliver apps in a secure browser with zero trust

Quickly Deploy Apps to the Cloud the Easy Way

Protect exfiltration of IP on local devices

Cybersecurity is a chief concern for enterprises, particularly where an employee’s local browser becomes a primary vector of attack. itopia’s Secure Browser solution delivers an isolated browser hosted on the cloud to keep threats separated from local devices, while providing a familiar browsing experience to end-users.

Fully-managed solution on private Kubernetes

itopia’s Secure Browser solution is lightweight and Linux-based. Management of the underlying cloud infrastructure is 100% managed by itopia and delivered as a service. Performance is dynamically scalable and security ensured with all environments running on private Kubernetes clusters.

Oversee a distributed workforce with ease

itopia provides a simple way for sysadmins to choose from specific performance capabilities and settings to deliver to end-users. itopia’s unified admin console provides an intuitive way to manage a global, distributed workforce, with the ability to make changes to individual users’ settings in just a few clicks.