Do You Need Citrix Engineers To Pull Off Your Cloud Desktop Strategy?
If you’re considering hiring more Citrix engineers to execute your cloud desktop strategy this year, it’s worth rethinking your overall talent acquisition strategy. Let’s face it—Citrix engineers come at a hefty price, and chances are you are under significant pressure to cut IT
Jan 17, 2018
Cloud Cost Management: How To Keep The Meter In Check
Anyone who has ever been stuck in a traffic jam in a taxi knows the helpless feeling as the meter keeps ticking away even though you’re going nowhere.  Thankfully (for some), modern ride sharing services have relieved passengers of that pain by providing
Jan 15, 2018
itopia Integrates With ConnectWise To Accelerate MSP Growth
Industry’s Leading Cloud IT Management Portal for Google Cloud Platform (GCP) Reports Explosive Growth and Readies for More with New ConnectWise Alliance   MIAMI, FL – itopia, a leading Google Cloud Technology Partner, has successfully integrated ConnectWise’s industry leading business management platform for Information Technology
Oct 24, 2017
Remote App: Save Resources And Deliver The Right Apps
When you are providing cloud services, there are certain situations where it makes sense to scale up and down the resources to meet your client’s specific business needs.   Server resources can be decreased significantly, if instead of deploying a full blown
Oct 19, 2017
Five Reasons Your Windows Workloads Belong On The Google Cloud
Today, the Google Cloud Platform (GCP) is the best kept secret in the IT channel. The Google Cloud is Google’s answer to AWS, providing hyperscale cloud services to enterprises, channel partners, and software developers worldwide.   When I suggest to MSP business
Sep 11, 2017
Three Secret Strategies To Decrease Your Cloud Infrastructure Costs With Google
It’s no big secret that Google Cloud has invested billions in building out their cloud infrastructure. Google has also staked out a clear strategy to be more price competitive than both AWS and Azure.   Thanks to
Sep 1, 2017
Ftp Server: Helping With Data Migrations Or Scanning To The Cloud
FTP server for data transfer has been around for a while and it’s still a useful tool for data migrations and certain hybrid deployments leveraging on-premises work flows and the cloud.  FTP is also cost-effective and easy to setup. If you’re preparing to
Aug 24, 2017
Five Marketing Truths For Any MSP
I recently spent an hour with a group of MSP business owners at HTG talking about marketing. My goal was to share some marketing best practices and insights gleamed from nearly two decades of working with channel partners.   Rather than focus
Aug 22, 2017
Four Ways To Migrate Your Data To The Cloud
The main benefit of moving your clients to the cloud is the ability to dynamically scale systems and resources to match workloads. Data migration is a significant part of the “moving to cloud” phase. With the correct planning and preparation, you can move
Aug 11, 2017
itopia Unveils Free Cost Calculator For MSP Evaluating Google Cloud
MIAMI, Aug. 08, 2017 — itopia, a leading Google Cloud Technology Partner, today encouraged MSPs to select and make the switch to Google Cloud by announcing the immediate availability of its free Cost Calculator for Google
Aug 8, 2017
Running Windows On Chromebook: Three Chrome Devices I Love
My current full time work device is an ASUS Chromebook Flip C302CA-DHM4. I spend most of my time running Windows 10 over RDP from a session running on Google Cloud Platform. I use the Xtralogic
Aug 3, 2017
Is An Rd Gateway A Must In A Cloud Enviroment?
Security is one of the most important considerations when moving a client to cloud. Even today, security is still a topic with many myths and misperceptions. One of these is that the Cloud is not as secure as on-premises infrastructure. As we explained
Jul 31, 2017
Five Client Drivers For Cloud Desktops
Desktop-as-a-service will only grow in the SMB market, as the affordability, speed, and reliability of cloud desktops improve. Long used mostly in larger companies, the hosted desktop is an  enterprise-grade technology that is now becoming a mainstay in the SMB market. Innovative MSPs
Jul 26, 2017
Google Cloud: It’s All About Cloud Security
MSPs should evaluate numerous different factors when migrating your clients to the cloud. Whether the main drivers are cost savings, flexibility, hardware cost avoidance, or decreased service calls, security is one of the most important considerations.   With the steady flow of
Jul 21, 2017
Ten Little Known Facts For MSP About The Google Cloud
There is no doubt, Microsoft is the dominant software vendor to MSPs targeting the SMB market. And in another key market – the infrastructure-as-a-service space – AWS has struck out on an early and commanding lead. Nevertheless, these markets are massive and will
Jul 18, 2017