Modernize VDI with Desktop as a Service (DaaS)
Manage and Automate Google Cloud Platform

itopia is the #1 automation engine for Google Cloud Platform (GCP) because our automation makes managing the full lifecycle of desktop and app environments fast and easy. There’s no need to become a VDI expert, Microsoft RDS expert, or even a Google Cloud expert — itopia’s automation covers that for you, employing the best practices for migrating, deploying, and managing cloud environments while eliminating chances for human administrative error.

itopia is the leading cloud automation and orchestration platform for Google Cloud, available directly from the GCP Marketplace as a preferred solution.

With itopia, you’ll manage your GCP environments with the simplicity and visibility of a single unified console, so your IT staff will spend less time working on hundreds of manual, yet critical IT tasks, and more time adding value through strategy and innovation.

One control panel to rule them all…

itopia delivers a single, intuitive control panel that’s accessed through a browser. Control of your Google Cloud environment lies in your hands as you continuously monitor – in real time:

  • User and VPN status
  • Resource and user locations
  • Flagged recent incidents
  • Pending tasks for IT
  • Catalog of active users and apps
itopia CAS Dashboard

Deep insights with BigQuery

itopia directly integrates with BigQuery so you’ll gain a steady stream of insights from itopia’s analytics dashboard to review historical user behaviors and computing activity. You can monitor, for example, session lengths per user, app usage frequency, and file access data, as well as view a breakdown of all GCP consumption costs.

itopia automates over 300+ VDI management tasks

itopia’s automation dynamically scales cloud infrastructure, powering VMs on and off based on real-time demand. And with over 300 IT management tasks automated, you’ll have the benefits of a fully-managed service without the limitations.

  • Automated user provisioning
  • Identity & access management
  • App access & license tracking
  • Autoscaling collection pools (size & qty.)
  • Nearest connection routing
  • Scheduled & dynamic uptime
  • Custom image management
  • High-performance file shares