Turn Every Employee into a Remote Worker in One Day

Enable your employees to work from home with secure access to Windows apps & corporate data on any device.

Leading enterprises across industries leverage itopia to enable seamless remote productivity

Why Cloud?

Modernize your IT infrastructure, reduce cost & complexity, and improve performance of on-demand end-user computing.

Why Google?

Google Cloud is the highest performing, most secure, and most cost-effective cloud network. Access business critical apps and data with the lowest latency and highest levels of encryption.

Why itopia?

Simplify IT management with vast automation & orchestration of cloud environments. Tier 1 sysadmins can deliver Windows virtual desktops & apps to a global workforce from a single control panel in the browser.

We reduce your IT staff’s workload by automating

every aspect of Google Cloud Platform and

enabling Desktop as a Service (DaaS) on GCP

Cut Deployment Time by 95%

itopia Cloud Automation Stack (CAS) makes it fast and easy to deliver Windows virtual desktops and apps from the cloud, saving your organization time and money. itopia can deploy a complete Desktop as a Service (DaaS) environment on Google Cloud in less than one hour.

Decrease IT Overhead Costs by 60%

itopia’s management console is unified, simple-to-use, and wizard-based. Provisioning end-users and customizing the cloud environment is performed from a single control panel. itopia is so easy to operate that junior-level sysadmins can manage multi-regional deployments with virtually no training.

Reduce Infrastructure
Costs by 32%

itopia employs vast automation to dynamically scale cloud infrastructure and power VMs on and off based on real-time user demand. Over 300+ IT management tasks are fully-automated, providing the benefits of a fully-managed service without the limitations. All of this optimization is made possible by itopia out-of-the-box. Zero scripting required.

itopia CAS
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itopia was named Partner of the Year at Google Cloud Next 2019
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Ease the Burden on Your IT Department

Leverage Our Breakthrough Automation

Migrate from legacy on-premises VDI and deploy cloud-native DaaS environments on GCP in minutes.
Your team will spend less time scripting, configuring, and managing infrastructure and more time on what they do best.