Radically transform

No Walls. No Limits.
Stream Industry Apps to Students and Workers
Anywhere, on Any Device.

Radically transform

Stream apps to workers, students, and developers.
Anywhere, any device.

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Hybrid Emplyees


We make hybrid work better for everyone.

itopia’s BrowserDirect streaming technology works on every browser on every device. It’s simple with no back-end tech. It’s secure by design with governance and productivity features that weren’t possible before. And it’s fast for end users with everything delivered in a browser. View our popular use cases.

Hybrid Employees

itopia streams desktops and apps through any browser on any device.

Software Developers

Secure, fully managed developer environments preconfigured with all dependencies


Stand up Cloud apps classrooms in minutes with Adobe Creative Cloud, AutoCAD, and more.

Offshore Contractors

Fast onboarding and offboarding with totally secure access to apps and resources.

Zero-Trust Web Apps

Keep your users and organization secure with zero trust browser-based security.

Upgrade Virtual Desktop (VDI)

Replace costly VDI with secure access to critical apps in the browser

Success Stories

itopia partners with the best industry innovators.


Built on open source.

The itopia platform is the first and only fully managed version of Selkies, an open source project from Google.


Selkies was published by Google Cloud as an open source project for stateful workload orchestration on the Kubernetes container orchestration system.


The Selkies project separated from Google, becoming an independent, community supported open source project.


Former Google Cloud Solutions Architects Dan Islo and Jan Van Bruggen join itopia, which then becomes the primary maintainer of Selkies.


itopia, powered by Selkies and committed to open source, is offered as a managed service to every team that wants to work remotely.

itopia streaming technology works on any browser and enables workers and students to access their work from anywhere and any device.

Deliver preconfigured popular IDEs, versions, and tools with all dependencies in a browser for fast developer onboarding, especially for distributed teams.

Through Command Line Interface (CLI) and Application Programming Interfaces (API), itopia effortlessly integrates with existing workflows and automates administrative tasks.

With performance features built in, itopia delivers a computing experience that’s faster and more stable than local machines. A single cluster can scale to thousands of users instantaneously.

Instantly access multiple environments, versions, and tools, and supports all popular IDEs, apps, and developer tools.

Just log in and work. itopia makes hybrid work easy and secure – even if you’re streaming large video files and high-end graphics within a distributed team. There’s no back-end tech, no need for more engineers, and no time to spend on set-up.

Security and compliance controls are as granular as you need them with end-point isolation control. Manage where and when users copy and paste, check device posture before granting access, prevent unauthorized screen caps, manage extension permissions, and enforce workflow requirements. Policy-based storage, network tagging, and geo fencing are all built into the itopia platform.

itopia cloud environments are regularly patched and scanned for potential security vulnerabilities, and customer repositories and data are kept equally secure. itopia centralizes its codebase and maintains containers in private clusters to reduce exfiltration of IP and data. Implement single sign-on and multi-factor authentication with access control and logging, as well as egress filtering by CIDR range and domain.