itopia Announces a New Release for itopia CloudApps Classroom, Where Students Can Learn from Anywhere

Purpose-built solution for the education market provides easy access to high-performance labs for Adobe Creative Cloud, Autodesk AutoCAD, Microsoft Office, SOLIDWORKS and others

Students learn from anywhere

MIAMI, October 6, 2021 — itopia, a leading cloud orchestration and automation solution provider, announced today a new release of itopia CloudApps Classroom. With increased demand to deliver digital curricula, driven by modern skills needs, growing Career Technical Education (CTE) programs, and further accelerated by the global pandemic, school districts are challenged to provide fast and reliable digital curricula to students both at school and at home. The itopia CloudApps Classroom release provides easy-to-manage, Cloud apps classrooms for Adobe Creative Cloud, Autodesk AutoCAD, Microsoft Office, SOLIDWORKS and more, enabling students to learn from anywhere. 

Students can launch apps on their school-issued Chromebooks, or any device, so they are no longer limited to onsite computer labs or specific equipment. itopia CloudApps Classroom is purpose-built to enable compute-intensive applications, such as powerful video editing and 3-D rendering at high resolution. The solution features unique and innovative streaming capabilities for Windows, enabling itopia CloudApps Classroom to deliver a superior application streaming experience for users across valuable education workloads.

Teachers and school administrators can easily set up virtual classes on their own and assign them to students with a direct sync to Google Classroom. itopia CloudApps Classroom integrates seamlessly with Google Workspace for Education to enable one-click classroom creation and student onboarding.

itopia CloudApps Classroom is a fully-managed solution, built on Google Cloud, that maintains and updates app images behind the scenes so students are always learning with the latest app versions. And, with predictable flat-rate pricing, school administrators can focus on delivering highly-personalized, creative curricula to students without worrying about technology management complexity or cost.

“itopia CloudApps Classroom allows Council Bluffs’ schools to expand curriculum for both our in person students and our students in the virtual academy,” said John Stile, CTO of Council Bluffs Community School District. “Software that we previously had to run on PCs and / or Macbooks is now accessible on our student Chromebooks both on and off campus. The itopia platform gives our students a much better and more secure environment than conventional lab solutions and allows 24/7 access. Plus, itopia CloudApps Classroom is easy to use, and it only takes our teachers a few minutes to set up a new class and lab.”

“itopia and Google Cloud have a great track record working together to deliver trusted, highly reliable solutions for the education sector,” said Steven Butschi, Head of Education, Google Cloud. “itopia continues to be an innovator in helping educators leverage digital technology to enhance student learning from anywhere, and we’re excited for our customers to leverage these latest advancements in itopia CloudApps Classroom.”

“We created itopia CloudApps Classroom to make high-tech education easy to provide and accessible for all,” said Jonathan Lieberman, CEO of itopia. “We’ve used our Cloud Automation Stack technology to help educators further extend their ability to provide a consistent, highly-engaging, and cost-effective learning experience.”

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