itopia Labs
Enabling students
to learn
from anywhere

itopia Labs delivers easy-to-manage, virtual cloud labs where students can learn from anywhere
  • Empowers schools to expand and provide high-tech education to students without breaking the bank.
  • Delivers the most comprehensive learning experience by supporting any Windows-based app.
  • Provides the easiest admin experience. Educators can set up new labs on their own in minutes.
itopia Labs empowers schools to deliver high-tech education to students without breaking the bank

Create virtual CTE and Windows labs in minutes

Easily integrate with Google Workspace & Google Classroom

Support powerful video editing and rendering at high resolution

Enjoy predictable, flat-rate, pricing per student

itopia Labs

Democratizes access to technology
  • Empowers students to launch virtual labs directly from a browser — anytime, anywhere, on any device.
  • Delivers apps like Adobe Creative Cloud, AutoCAD, Microsoft Office, VS Code, and more from Google Cloud, yielding compute resources that are dynamically scalable to meet any requirements.
  • Enables students to unleash creativity and run GPU-powered apps like Adobe Premiere Pro at high resolution and framerate (1080p 30fps) on any device, from anywhere.
  • Provides access to Windows Apps and Google Workspace in the same virtual session with single sign-on.
All your apps in one place with itopia Labs

Because itopia has a management console, managing the environment is straightforward. You’re not doing everything with patchwork of other products behind the scenes, or encountering the steep learning curve that we encountered with Citrix. With itopia, our sysadmin doesn’t have to have specialized training to manage the environment.

- Adam Kurth, Director of Technology and Innovation

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itopia Labs

Simplifies administration and lowers costs

  • Delivers scalable compute resources that are faster and more stable than on-site computer labs.
  • Provides an intuitive, centralized dashboard where educators can view student lab usage at a district-level, school-level, and classroom-level according to their assigned access.
  • Integrates with Google Workspace to enable one-click classroom creation and student onboarding — speeding set up time and simplifying management.
  • Enables school administrators to select from a pre-configured, curated list of apps to deliver to students and leverage Google Drive for storage.
  • Does not require Microsoft Active Directory. Students can login to their virtual labs with the same username and password they use for Google Workspace.

itopia Labs is a fully-managed solution

Provided as a fully-managed solution, itopia Labs will maintain and update app images behind the scenes, ensuring students are always learning with the latest app versions. With an uptime Service Level Agreement of 99.9%, district administrators can focus on delivering highly-personalized, creative curricula for students without needing to worry about technology management complexity and maintenance.