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Secure and Accessible K-12 Online Learning Environments

Stream and Secure Online Classrooms with Top Educational Apps on Any Device, Anytime with Google Cloud Technology Partner of the Year

Unlock Digital Learning with itopia CloudApps

Transform K-12 education with itopia CloudApps, the premier cloud-based solution. Access 150+ apps like Adobe Creative Cloud, Autodesk, and Office 365 via any web browser. Fully compatible with Chromebooks, CloudApps offers flexible, anywhere learning—ideal for modern classrooms and remote education.

Advanced Filtering & Security for Schools with itopia SecureFilter

Enhance school safety with itopia SecureFilter, the specialized solution for educational environments. Block inappropriate content, monitor student activity, and defend against malware and phishing. SecureFilter offers robust protection, maintaining a distraction-free and secure online learning experience.

itopia CloudApps Seamless Educational App Streaming

Google Cloud Technology
Partner of the Year

Transform Chromebooks into Powerful Learning Tools
Use advanced applications directly through the browser on your Chromebooks, turning basic devices into dynamic learning platforms. Perfect for enhancing STEM and STEAM education.
Cost Effective Computer Labs
Reduce costs and improve ROI with CloudApps. Utilize cloud-based software for students to limit costs. Sustainable and scalable as your needs grow.
Affordable STEM and STEAM Resources
Enable equitable access in schools by providing access to high-quality STEM and STEAM apps. For a fraction of the cost use applications like Adobe CC and Autodesk.
Run Apps like Adobe Photoshop on a Chromebook
Students can run powerful software like Adobe Photoshop on Chromebooks. Delivering high-end software capabilities via the cloud.
24/7 Accessibility: supporting learning outside school hours
Students can study and complete assignments anytime, anywhere, encouraging flexible and self-paced learning.
Easily roster students with your learning management system
Easily connect and simplify management with CloudApps’ LMS integration for schools. Enhance the overall learning experience for students and teachers.

itopia SecureFilter Advanced Educational Content Filtering and Security


Customizable Content Filtering that’s tailored for K-12 learning
Customize your student’s content access. Tailored for K-12 education to ensure students view only appropriate content and education related websites.
Enhanced K12 Online safety for students. Complete protection
Block malware, phishing, and inappropriate content for K-12 students. Provide safe online environments for students, educators, and parents.
CIPA compliant browser activity monitoring.
Maintain full CIPA compliance with SecureFilter’s browser activity monitoring. At school or home, protecting student privacy and data integrity.
Oversee AI education platforms (e.g., ChatGPT, Google's Gemini) in K12.
Monitor and manage AI tools like ChatGPT in K-12 settings, ensuring safe and controlled educational use.
Zero Trust Security: Safeguarding Sensitive Student Data and Digital Interactions.
Gain strict access controls with zero trust principles to protect sensitive student data and online use across all platforms and devices.
Secure browser-based learning promotes safe interactions in education, anywhere.
Secure browser-based learning to ensure a distraction-free online experience at school and home

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“I saw no latency”

“When we fired-up Autodesk’s AutoCAD program on Chromebooks and itopia CloudApps, I saw no latency, even when I threw every task at it. That’s amazing to me!”

Allen Smith CTE, Engineering

Chester Upland School District

“itopia has a huge impact on my classroom”

“The digital divide is real and I do see it. However, itopia bridges the gap.”

Vanessa Bonilla

Rancho High School
Clark County School District

“itopia CloudApps worked great from the start.”

“itopia CloudApps worked great from the start. Myself and all my students work from home, so the fact they can access Photoshop or Illustrator from any computer is terrific.”

Julie Van Lohn CTE, Graphic Design

Nevada Learning Academy

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