Total Browser Security for Education

Advanced filtering for web content, YouTube, AI, malware, and phishing—tailored for educators.

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Powerful browser-based security that works everywhere your students browse and learn.

Stop phishing attacks
Protect your whole school from phishing threats with advanced detection and real-time blocking.
Detect, prioritize, and alert to malware attacks
Maintain and secure your school’s devices with AI technology to alert on malware attacks.
Filter YouTube content and suppress chat and comments
Block and control youtube content from chat and comments to videos ensuring only educational videos can be watched.
Filter web content by over 500 categories
Filter websites with over 500 customizable categories. Tailor and secure internet access for K-12 students at home and school.
Get in-depth browser analytics
Gain valuable insights with in-depth browser analytics, helping IT administrators monitor and manage online activities.
Monitor ChatGPT search
Oversee your students ChatGPT searches to ensure appropriate use in school.

itopia SecureFilter works where students, threat actors & dangerous content meet: the web browser.


Content Categories


Languages Supported


Coverage & Accuracy

Real time filtering - hate speech, abuse, violence, and more

Completely customizable or use proven templates

Comprehensive malware and phishing detection

itopia SecureFilter Features

Online Safety

Protect teachers and students from online threats

Strict Access

Zero trust principles for total security

Security Incidents

Dramatically reduce content-related issues

Artificial Intelligence

Manage use of AI Platforms like Chat GPT and Google Gemeni

Students Online

Flag concerning behavior or attempted access to restricted sites

Content Filtering

Customer K12 filtering:
Youtube filtering chat and comments

itopia makes web browsing safe & secure, and closes the “app gap.”

Anytime, Anywhere Learning on Chromebooks
Reduce your dependence on high-end PCs with low-latency streaming through Chromebooks and similar devices. Don’t upgrade! Stream even computing-intensive apps like Adobe Creative Suite.

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