The Modern Way to
Virtual Desktops and
Apps on any Device

Master the cloud without needing to master the tech with itopia Cloud Automation Stack

  • Easily equip workers with secure access to business apps and corporate data — ensuring a flexible, quickly adaptable workforce.
  • Seamlessly manage your global, distributed workforce while leveraging itopia’s innovative automation to slash your cloud infrastructure costs and manage the environment for you.
  • Eliminate your on-premises infrastructure and replace it with a cloud-native “one-click” solution that your Tier 1 sysadmins will quickly master, while your senior-level IT staff can focus on higher value-add initiatives.

Automated Lifecycle Management

itopia Cloud Automation Stack makes it easy to segment your cloud environment and group your end-users depending on their specific needs for applications, resources, and permissions. With our wizard-based console, sysadmins can allocate the appropriate compute resources to each collection of end-users, and deliver a remote app experience (standalone Windows apps) or full-scale Windows 10 desktops.

itopia orchestrates Windows 10 and Microsoft RDS to deliver end-user sessions seamlessly through a web browser or RD-client, available on all major platforms (Windows, macOS, iOS, iPadOS, Android, Chrome OS, and more).

IT admins no longer need to worry about endpoint management, as itopia delivers fully locked-down virtual workspaces that can customized to any specification. All end-user sessions are managed with a few clicks from a unified control panel in the browser. Workers enjoy the freedom to use any device, from anywhere, to launch their virtual workspace and maintain productivity.

Scalable, Secure, and Efficient Cloud Environments

  • Autoscaling
  • Security
  • Snapshot Backups
  • Savings
  • Insights

itopia’s autoscaling yields dynamic, powerful control. Scale VM size up & down automatically as users login and logoff. Or have itopia adjust the quantity of VMs as configurable thresholds are reached. As your cloud resource consumption varies throughout the day and week, itopia can right-size your infrastructure in real-time, ensuring you always have the optimal environment to support your workforce.

Because virtual sessions are hosted on Google Cloud Platform (GCP), all sensitive data is stored solely in the cloud, away from local end-user devices. itopia adheres to the same strict compliance standards as GCP, including HIPAA, FedRAMP, FERPA, PCI, SOC 2, and many more.

Capture full VM snapshots using preset schedules and version retention policies. Snapshots can be used to restore one or more VMs to a prior point-in-time configuration. This provides insulation from server-wide failures, yielding a powerful tool for disaster recovery.

Google Cloud bills per second for compute resources, so itopia is watching every second too. By leveraging itopia’s Scheduled Uptime, IT can start and stop individual VMs conveniently by a preset schedule – useful for shutting down unneeded resources on weekends or off-peak hours. itopia’s Dynamic Uptime will intelligently start and stop VMs based on the number of active users. By keeping only the necessary number of VMs active, Dynamic Uptime can reduce compute costs significantly.

Gather insights from itopia’s analytics dashboard to report on historical user behavior and compute activity through seamless integration with Google BigQuery. This provides monitoring on session length per user, frequency of app usage and file access, as well as a breakdown of GCP consumption costs. You’ll also have key information at your fingertips like login experience, file activity, app activity, and GCP billing.

Collection Pools

itopia provides virtually unlimited flexibility of deployments with the use of collection pools: assorted collections of VMs that support distinct groups of users across multiple GCP regions. Groups of users with unique workloads can be segmented to receive customized settings for autoscaling of VM sizing & quantity, applications and group policy objects, and user connection settings such as user timeout. The ability to automatically fine-tune deployments as granularly as needed allows IT to optimize performance and user satisfaction, while drastically reducing costs.

Custom Images with Automated Updates

In years past, IT labored long to create the fixed “golden image” – only to watch as it disintegrated into countless variations of itself, each with its own management burden. With itopia, images become adaptable and flexible constructs, easily and quickly managed through a single console.

itopia gives you the flexibility to build custom images with ease, as well as push updates to images across your environment with one-click thanks to itopia’s cloud automation.

itopia Deployment Architecture