itopia WorkAnywhere
Work in the cloud

itopia WorkAnywhere is a cloud-native enterprise platform for IT.
  • Quickly configure, deploy, and manage cloud workspaces to provide employees with secure access to virtual desktops and apps.
  • Employees will become more productive with flexible working spaces that are available anywhere, anytime. And every workspace is automatically secure and redundant.
  • Deliver a better end user experience and minimize cloud costs with a solution that automatically right-sizes cloud resources to employee needs. With itopia WorkAnywhere, companies don’t have to trade off app performance with cloud costs.

itopia WorkAnywhere

Easy for IT professionals to deploy and maintain

itopia WorkAnywhere provides simplified, automated tools so IT professionals can deploy and maintain Desktop as a Service (DaaS) environments without specialized expertise.

Sysadmins can use wizards to rapidly orchestrate and automate provisioning for Google Cloud compute, network and storage, and Microsoft RDS/Windows 10 virtual environments.

They can orchestrate resources based on simple business logic, and dynamically power them on and off at scheduled intervals or at logon/logoff events for peak resource preservation.

itopia enables virtual environments that can be customized to any specification with a few clicks from a unified control panel in the browser. Workers enjoy the freedom to use any device, from anywhere.

itopia WorkAnywhere is powered in the cloud

itopia Cloud Automation Stack is the cloud-native platform that powers itopia WorkAnywhere. itopia Cloud Automation Stack enables centralized management, orchestration, and automation. Sysadmins can oversee global deployments at any scale from a single browser-based console.

itopia CAS

Workers enjoy a one-click login to their desktop or app session via their unique URL or RDP client

Workers enjoy a one-click login to their desktop or app session via their unique URL or RDP-client​

itopia WorkAnywhere Use Case

Secure access to web applications with itopia WorkAnywhere

itopia WorkAnywhere Zero-Trust Browser capability isolates the endpoint from the browser, providing an additional layer of security and control. The result is seamless, consistent access to business applications for end users and enhanced security for enterprises.

Custom images with automated updates

IT has long labored to produce the fixed “golden image,” only to watch it disintegrate into countless variations of itself, each creating its own management burden. With itopia, images become adaptable and flexible constructs, easily and quickly managed through a single console.

itopia WorkAnywhere makes it simple to build custom images, and push image updates across the environment with one-click, thanks to itopia’s cloud automation.