Deliver any application in the browser with zero trust security

Protect company assets across the last mile of the remote worker connectivity

Quickly deploy apps to the cloud the easy way

Cybersecurity is a chief concern for enterprises, particularly where an employee’s local browser becomes a primary vector of attack. itopia’s zero trust solution delivers an isolated browser hosted on the cloud to keep threats separated from local devices, while providing a familiar browsing experience to end-users.

Fully-managed solution on private Kubernetes

itopia’s zero trust solution is lightweight and Linux-based. Management of the underlying cloud infrastructure is 100% managed by itopia and delivered as a service. Performance is dynamically scalable, and security is ensured with all environments running on private Kubernetes clusters.

Oversee a distributed workforce with ease

itopia provides a simple way for sysadmins to choose from performance capabilities and settings to deliver to end-users. itopia’s unified admin console provides an intuitive way to manage a global, distributed workforce, with the ability to make changes to individual users’ settings in just a few clicks.

Organizations use the zero-trust browser capability of itopia WorkAnywhere to support important business needs, such as:

Web Application Portal

Endpoint Isolation Security

Data Exfiltration Prevention

Geolocation Surfing

Endpoint Dependency Isolation

Browser Privacy

Frequently Asked Questions

itopia’s zero-trust browser capability enables deployment of enterprise web apps to employees, contractors, and customers, reducing risks to both server workloads and end-user clients. Protecting enterprise web applications is simplified by providing a single point of entry with access controls connected to the identity provider of your choice. This control is an additional layer of security protecting your application and infrastructure from browser-based attacks, exploits on endpoint devices, and intentional/unintentional data exfiltration.

By isolating browsers in secure, non-persistent virtual containers, IT administrators enhance access control and eliminate the need to enforce security policies at the endpoint. Additionally, administrators can control clipboard access, printing, and audio to further protect against data exfiltration at each individual endpoint.

itopia’s zero-trust browser capability is included with itopia WorkAnywhere as a fully-managed service, including monitoring, scaling, patching, and security. With an SLA of 99.9%, IT can be assured of high availability, scalability, and accessibility.

Web applications are accessed via isolated browser sessions running in containers in the cloud. At the end of each session, the container is deleted, along with any history, downloaded content, or potentially damaging code.

Provisioning and monitoring end user access is managed through an easy-to-use console, giving administrators complete control over access, browser configurations, and session security. In addition, delegated administration allows IT to provide just the access needed by staff to monitor and support end users.

From remote offices to work-from-home (WFH) to offshoring, end users are distributed across many work environments. itopia’s zero-trust browser capability is instantly available and requires no software on the endpoint device. Time to productivity and onboarding of new end users can accelerate exponentially without the worry of managing endpoints. Every end user can access one or multiple browser sessions.

In a zero-trust environment, managing endpoint security is a thing of the past. Security is not dependent upon a trusted client or endpoint. With itopia, administrators control user access, identity providers, clipboard, printing, and network access (IP and Geo filtering). Isolating the endpoint from web application workloads is another layer of protection from unintended security breaches or intentional data exfiltration.