The Easiest Way to Run Windows Apps on Chromebooks

itopia allows dozens, hundreds of Chromebook users to access these Windows apps by building virtual machines inside Google Cloud.

Run Windows Apps on Chromebooks

Windows on Chromebooks has Never Been so Simple

Businesses considering the switch from PCs to Chromebooks face a dilemma. Much of their daily activity, workflow, and archives may depend on legacy Windows software (especially Office). Without being able to use those apps on the Chromebook, those years of backlogged assets are useless. In the past, your options to run Windows apps on Chromebook were limited and flawed. 

You could: 

  • Remotely access a Windows machine, which requires keeping the old hardware.
  • Use compatibility apps extended to Chromebooks/Chrome OS, which are often cumbersome.
  • Run Citrix or VMware, whose complexity defeats the purpose of the simple Chromebook.

Or, try itopia -a tool that makes it easy to give users Windows apps on Chromebooks. 

itopia allows dozens, hundreds of Chromebook users to access these Windows apps by building virtual machines inside Google Cloud. Those PC apps will live in the cloud for the Chromebooks to access over the web, using a connection protocol called Remote Desktop Services (RDS). This means no new hardware is necessary, and they can be deployed by IT in as little as five minutes. 

Sounds easy… Is there a downside?

Well, without itopia, configuring any Virtual Machine, whether in Google Cloud or in a server room, is time-consuming. Configuring your Microsoft apps in a Virtual Machine can add days or even weeks to the transition time for IT, days and weeks of lost productivity that a company probably cannot afford to lose. This doesn’t include the specialized engineers required to support something like a Citrix or a VMware solution. 

But itopia innovates in cloud automation. Cloud automation puts cloud computing closer to your fingertips than ever before with a two-step process:

Orchestration: Defining a series of repetitive steps that must be conducted to achieve the desired outcome, like the implementation of a virtual machine either on a hard drive or in the Cloud. 

Automation: Execute those steps without human effort. This method of implementation not only saves time, effort, and money. It also reduces the likelihood of costly disruptions due to human error.

itopia leverages the Google Cloud Platform (GCP) to create “single-click” deployments of GCP services like remote desktops and virtual servers. Our solutions automate the day-to-day tasks of IT management, allowing your IT to grow with your business. With a lean staff, costs cut and less chance of error, IT conditions maintain continually visible within your own GCP account, even as workloads grow. By choosing to run Windows apps on Chromebook using a Google Cloud Instance implementation automated by itopia, businesses gain access to crucial advantages of a Chromebook environment.

But Why Chromebooks?

Chromebooks are: 

  • Diverse. You have a lot of options for configuration.

  • Cost-Effective. Chromebooks are anywhere from 65% to 80% less expensive than comparable PC notebooks, due to the fact that the operating system (Chrome OS) is free.

  • More Secure. Designed for the age of cybercrime, Chromebooks automatically encrypt all files, offer more resistance to viruses, refuse to boot when “infected,” offer simple erasure and recovery, and seamlessly implement the Linux kernel, keeping infected systems from corrupting others.

  • Better in an Emergency. More management services are available for Chromebook than for PC or Mac.

  • The “Third OS.” Chrome OS has replaced Linux as the closest contender with macOS and Windows.

  • Ideal for a Young Workforce. Many students use Chromebooks, making them the ideal environment to introduce a young workforce.

Our single-click orchestration and automation of virtual machines on GCP remain the best way to run Windows apps on Chromebook.

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