TELUS International Enables Customer Experience Agents to Work from Home with Secure, Virtual Workspaces

TELUS International focuses on the value of human connection to design, build and deliver high-tech, high-touch customer experiences powered by next-gen digital solutions. With almost 50,000 team members as well as delivery centers across North and Central America, Europe and Asia, TELUS International empowers customer experience innovation through digital enablement, spirited teamwork, agile thinking, and a caring culture that puts customers first. The company’s solutions cover customer experience, digital transformation, content moderation, IT lifecycle, advisory and digital consulting, risk management, and back-office support. Fueling all stages of company growth, TELUS International partners with some of the world’s most disruptive brands from fast-growing tech, financial services and fintech, games, travel and hospitality, and healthcare industries. The company serves clients in over 50 languages.


Along with the need to keep their team members safe and healthy, secure, remote workstations were of extreme importance. Before the outbreak of COVID-19, these team members who serve as the point of contact for some of the world’s top brands needed to log into Windows desktops to access voice applications and data, as a means of helping their customers. Without access to these tools, they would not be able to conduct operations as usual.

“This unprecedented time brought the need to implement a rapid and reliable solution.”


This dilemma defines the motive for cloud computing and propels itopia into action.

Solution and Outcomes

The solution to address this obstacle came in the form of remote, virtual workstations on Google Cloud. With the power of itopia’s cloud automation and orchestration solution, TELUS International was able to provision desktops & apps for nearly 1,500 of their team members on any device in less than 24 hours, as opposed to setting the environment up manually which can take months. They were able to deliver fully-equipped Windows desktops to their employees with access to key business apps and secure corporate databases seamlessly. This reduced downtime and enabled TELUS International to keep their customers satisfied with continued operations.

TELUS International’s team members continue to use their virtual workstations on Google Cloud to provide the superb customer experience solutions for which they are known. Secure access is delivered to the applications, data, and corporate database they need to do their jobs successfully through Google Cloud Platform. TELUS International is now offering managed virtual desktops as a solution for their clients leveraging the itopia platform.

This unprecedented time brought the need to implement a rapid and reliable solution that could first and foremost ensure our team members remained safe and healthy, but would also simultaneously enable them to remain connected and provide much-needed customer service support to our clients. Working with Google Cloud and itopia allowed us to transition our workforce—securely, globally and resiliently—all while keeping our team members engaged in what will certainly become part of the ‘new norm.’