Cognosante Stays Nimble with Rapid Expansion of HIPAA-Compliant Cloud Workspaces

Cognosante is a health IT company that uses purposeful innovation to solve health and safety challenges. The company helps public sector organizations modernize and optimize their customer experience programs, enterprise systems solutions, data integration efforts, data standards, and business process operations.


Since the emergence of the COVID-19 pandemic, 90% of Cognosante’s workforce works from home. The company needed a remote work infrastructure solution that provided the same level of security and information assurance established for working onsite at office locations across the country. Cognosante’s IT team needed to deploy virtual desktops to onsite team members from across the country to a secure, easy-to-manage, remote, virtual environment without spending months building such an environment. Establishing these virtual workstations for employees helped minimize business disruption when the global coronavirus pandemic required rapid adaptation and reimagining of how work gets done.

Using itopia’s cloud automation and orchestration solution, Cognosante deployed desktops and apps to employees in less than 24 hours.

Solution and Outcomes

Cognosante quickly assessed an on-premises VDI solution as unnecessarily complex when attempting to recreate the company’s previous environment on the cloud. The IT team preferred a less labor-intensive solution–managing a secure environment that was cloud-native and came with a centralized management dashboard. 

Using itopia’s cloud automation and orchestration solution, Cognosante deployed desktops and apps (accessible from anywhere and on any device) to employees in less than 24 hours (instead of setting the environment up manually, which can take months). This included providing employees access to secure corporate databases. This quick deployment minimized downtime, enabling Cognosante to maintain productivity and customer satisfaction with continued operations.

Cognosante’s employees continue to use these virtual workstations on Google Cloud, remaining productive, in part, because of secure access to the applications, data, and corporate databases they need to do their jobs successfully through Google Cloud Platform. In addition, Cognosante now has a repeatable method for establishing virtual workstations in under 24 hours any time the company hires new employees.