Remote App: Save Resources and Deliver the Right Apps

Remote app allows you to deploy select Windows programs that can be accessed remotely through Remote Desktop Services and the cloud.

Save Resources and Deliver the Right Apps

When you are providing cloud services, there are certain situations where it makes sense to scale up and down the resources to meet your client’s specific business needs.

Server resources can be decreased significantly, if instead of deploying a full blown cloud desktop solution you simply deploy a Remote App for the end users.

What is Remote App and how does it work?

Remote application allows you to deploy select Windows programs that can be accessed remotely through Remote Desktop Services and the cloud, while from the user’s perspective they seem as if they are running locally on the end user’s device. These applications are referred to as Remote Programs, Remote Applications or Remote Apps.

The Remote Application lives in the cloud and the end user can access it through an RDP file, the same way as accessing a full cloud desktop.

The user experience with the app is just as if it was launched locally since the app is integrated with the client’s desktop. It has its own resizable window, users can see it in the taskbar and they can drag it between multiple monitors.

Advantages of Remote App

Remote App is a scalable and convenient cloud service which allows the users to stay productive on the go, while using an encrypted connection through an RD gateway. All the application resources and client’s sensitive corporate data stay safely guarded in the cloud.

You can deploy as many applications as you want from the same server. The end user can run several applications at the time, while the Remote Applications share the same RDP session.

The Remote App solution can also be offered to clients that don’t feel ready to migrate to a full cloud desktop solution. Remote App can be used as a smooth introduction to cloud services. Users will keep working in their local desktop and only use one or two applications hosted in the cloud. With Remote App, users get familiar with cloud technologies and when ready, you can move them to the full virtual desktop experience.

The solution is flexible. Some users can be provided with the full virtual desktop experience, while others can just access one application remotely. It all depends on your client’s needs.

Requirements for Remote App

The one requirement to enable the Remote App is to have a Remote Desktop Gateway. All you need to deploy the Gateway is a valid SSL certificate.

The configuration of RD Gateway and enabling of the Remote App can be completely automated with itopia and Google Cloud, saving you time and other complications. Spinning up the Remote App is as easy as switching a button in the management portal and installing the app on the server.

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