itopia Spaces
Modernizing how
developers work

itopia is leading the revolution

The environments where software developers write code have not kept pace with the way they are working today. itopia Spaces centralizes, manages, and secures working spaces for developers with a fully managed solution designed for them, with the security and control enterprises need on any managed or unmanaged device.

Global, serverless, scalable, containerized

itopia’s orchestration and automation makes it easy to manage development environments in secure, Kubernetes containers. itopia Spaces is available globally in distributed data centers, ensuring a superior user experience and outstanding performance.

itopia Spaces increases productivity and reduces risk

Faster Onboarding

Faster onboarding

Developers can be added to the platform and be productive in hours, not weeks. Instant access to a variety of environments, versions, and toolsets is simplified through containerized environments accessed through a browser.
Centralized Cloud Environments

Personalized coding environments

Every developer has easy access to development environments with the IDE and tools of choice. Start with itopia’s highly opinionated and curated Spaces or create customized environments. Every developer can access one or multiple instances, IDEs, or environment configurations with a simple App Portal.
Endless Scalability

Endless scalability

Teams can readily make computing resources available to developers, including CPU, memory, and GPU. Demanding application stacks can be assigned the right level of computing power for the task.
Reduced Risks

Reduced risks

In the cloud, code no longer lives on endpoint devices that need to be secured and maintained. IT can centralize and control access, manage codebases, ensure compliance, and continuously protect from IP and data loss.
Flexible Administration

Flexible administration

Provisioning and monitoring end-user access is managed through a portal, giving administrators complete control. IT can delegate administration levels, providing just the access needed by staff to ensure developer productivity.
Seamless Security

Seamless security

With zero-trust endpoint access, itopia Spaces isolates the endpoint from the development platform, so administrators protect sensitive IP and data from user vulnerabilities.
99.9% Availability

99.9% SLA

itopia Spaces seamlessly integrates monitoring, scaling, patching, and security. With an SLA of 99.9%, development teams can focus on writing code, reducing the TCO of running and maintaining development platforms.

itopia Spaces is powered in the cloud

itopia Cloud Automation Stack is the cloud-native platform that powers itopia Spaces. itopia Cloud Automation Stack enables centralized management, orchestration, and automation. Sysadmins can oversee global deployments at any scale from a single browser-based console.

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