cloud developer workspaces

Flexible, containerized environments for coding from anywhere

itopia Spaces

Revolutionizing the way developers work

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Code on any device

With your complete dev environment in any browser, developers can work from home, the office, or anywhere

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Keep your workflow

Integrates with existing developer workflows, source control systems, and management tools, with support for any IDE

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Fast onboarding

With no infrastructure to provision, new projects start instantly with all dependencies in place, increasing team agility

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Enterprise grade security

Reduce exfiltration of IP and data through control over what enters and leaves the environment

Designed for Distributed
Development Teams

74% of developers plan to work remotely forever.
Spaces is built for this new normal of software development.

itopia Spaces

Flexible team administration

Provision and monitor developer access via a portal, giving administrators precise control

  • Access control, provisioning of resources, and quickly onboard or offboard developers
  • Maintain consistent developer environments across distributed endpoints
  • Team administration portal with easy-to-use metrics and reports
  • Automate administrative tasks via the itopia Spaces CLI & API

The tools developers know and love

Every developer has easy access to development environments with their preferred IDE and tools
  • Start with itopia’s curated spaces or create customized environments
  • Support for multiple developer environments and sufficient computing resources
  • Every developer can independently access one or more environments, IDEs, and sessions
The tools developers know and love

Secure by design

Protect intellectual property and prevent exfiltration of data

  • Containers managed in private Kubernetes clusters
  • Isolates the endpoint from the development platform, protecting sensitive IP and data from user vulnerabilities
  • Encrypted in transit, encrypted at rest, and single sign-on support

Happier & faster dev teams

Development teams focus on writing code, not setting up or maintaining environments and dependencies
  • Faster and more stable than a local machine
  • Instantly access multiple environments, versions, and tools
  • Easy to update, maintain, and access IDE versions
  • Pickup where you left off on any device, with environment portability
Happier & faster dev teams

Fully managed. Fully scalable.

itopia Spaces integrates monitoring, scaling, patching, and security on Google Cloud infrastructure

  • Orchestrates and automates the creation, provisioning, and monitoring of centralized dev environments in the cloud
  • 99.9% SLA
  • Scales from a solo developer to a 1,000-engineer team
  • Demanding application stacks can be assigned the right level of computing power for the task

Committed to Open Source

itopia Spaces is the fully-managed version of Selkies, an open source project started at Google.


Selkies is published by Google Cloud as an open source project for stateful workload orchestration on Kubernetes


The Selkies project becomes an independent open source project

January 2021

Former Google Cloud Solutions Architects Dan Isla and Jan Van Bruggen join itopia. itopia becomes the primary maintainer of Selkies

October 2021

itopia Spaces is released, offering Selkies as a manged service to enterprise development teams

Frequently Asked Questions

itopia spaces provides cloud developer workspaces: flexible, containerized environments where developers code from anywhere via their preferred IDE in a browser.
Yes. Spaces is a fully-managed service that automatically scales with your team.

Yes. Request access and tell us about your team’s setup.

Spaces is hosted in Google Cloud on dedicated Google Kubernetes Engine (GKE) clusters. itopia is proud to be a Google Cloud Partner, recognized as Google’s Cloud Commerce Technology Partner of the Year in 2019.
Yes all common developer tools should be baked into the base image. For tools used by individual developers, these should be saved to the user’s home directory.
Yes. Spaces isn’t coupled to any particular source control system, tool, or protocol. The apps you run remotely in a space can make any web requests, just like the apps you currently run on a local device. Additionally, Spaces enables your administrators to securely connect deployments to private networks, customize DNS resolvers, and configure allowed/blocked traffic policies, to ensure a smooth networking experience for your whole team.
Yes. The itopia operations team is monitoring the system using Google Cloud Platform best practices and alerts.
The environment auto scales based on the number of users and each deployment region supports up to 5,000 users. Managed storage can also be increased dynamically.

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