itopia Introduces Support for GPU-Accelerated Graphics Workstations on Google Cloud

itopia's software automation solution now facilitates the delivery and management of Windows- or Linux-based virtual graphics workstations on GCP.

GPU-Accelerated Graphics Workstations on Google Cloud

MIAMI, FL – August 27, 2018 – IT and cloud software automation provider itopia today announced new capabilities to automate the deployment and management of virtual graphics workstations from Google Cloud Platform through NVIDIA GPU processors..

itopia, the leader in virtual desktop automation for Google Cloud, has announced a powerful new capability of its end-to-end Cloud Automation Stack (CAS) SaaS solution to facilitate the delivery and management of Windows- or Linux-based virtual graphics workstations on Google Cloud Platform (GCP). This new capability enables multimedia companies, designers and any organization with high-performance computing (HPC) needs to deploy and manage 1:1 workstations powered by NVIDIA® Tesla® P100 GPU accelerators and from multiple GCP regions.

By leveraging NVIDIA GPU accelerators on GCP, companies can eliminate the need to procure costly physical graphics workstations by enabling professionals to access dedicated virtual machines (VMs) from any PC, thin client or mobile device through a PCoIP client. The PCoIP display protocol is purpose-built to deliver resource-intensive virtual desktops in order to provide end users with a rich experience regardless of task or location. In addition, to guarantee the optimal level of security and availability, all project data is stored centrally on highly-redundant, persistent disks in Google Cloud.

Further, itopia CAS’ deep integration with GCP enables companies to have full control over  their IT environments by automating all of the required tasks and processes on GCP through the single, easy-to-use CAS management portal. This includes:

  • Single-click configuration and deployment of  web, app, database and file servers
  • User profile and access control management for secure administration
  • Server uptime scheduling for true pay-as-you-go infrastructure costs on GCP
  • Integration with Google Cloud billing and BigQuery for complete cost visibility
  • Deployment from any GCP region that supports GPUs for the lowest network latency

“While building out new features for our CAS software, we’re always thinking about how we can apply this kind of automation and orchestration to new use cases.  High-performance graphics workstations are a natural fit for our technology,” said Ubaldo Don, CTO and Co-Founder, itopia.

GCP regions that currently support NVIDIA P100 GPU accelerators can be found here.

About itopia

itopia’s Cloud Automation Stack (CAS) technology is the industry’s leading enterprise IT automation and orchestration solution purpose-built for Google Cloud Platform (GCP) environments. CAS gives enterprise IT departments and service providers the ability to automate all things IT on GCP, including: virtual desktops and applications, graphic workstations, hybrid Active Directory (AD) environments, AD-based disaster recovery and Windows and Linux virtual machines—all through a single pane of glass management portal.  For more information on itopia’s solutions please visit:

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