itopia Introduces New Orchestration Feature: Collection Pools

itopia Clears Path to DaaS with New Collection Pools Feature

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itopia, the leading cloud infrastructure automation solution for Google Cloud, today announced the launch of its newest feature set, Collection Pools with Dynamic Server Uptime and Nearest Point Connection. With the latest release, itopia customers gain the flexibility to support multi-region teams with low latency and intelligent resource balancing.

According to Gartner, over 50% of enterprises will adopt an all-in cloud strategy by 2021. The cost and operational benefits of deploying virtual desktops in the cloud are clear for any organization currently managing VDI on-premise, but the transition path remains complex and expensive. itopia solves this, offering an intuitive, lightweight alternative to legacy VDI by automating the provisioning and management of Remote Desktop Services (RDS) deployments on Google Cloud from a single control panel.

With Collection Pools, itopia expands on the functionality previously found in RD Collections. Collection Pools are designed to work across multiple regions and intelligently connect the user to their nearest region in real-time. When an admin configures a Collection Pool for multiple regions, itopia will automate the creation of that Collection across each region.

“As the leading cloud infrastructure automation solution for Google Cloud, itopia is uniquely positioned to support enterprises along their path to modernization,” said Jonathan Lieberman, CEO and co-founder of itopia. “We built itopia to remove the heavy burden of orchestrating cloud servers and user management, giving forward-thinking enterprises a simple solution to deploying and managing Windows desktops in the cloud. Our latest release enables unprecedented levels of automation that, in turn, drive significant cost efficiencies, speed up time to value, and reduce the IT burden on internal staff.”

Collection Pools streamline the management of deployed workloads with several new features including:

  • Nearest Point Connection – An intelligent new feature for decreasing latency by automatically connecting users to the nearest data center. When a user generates a new connection file, itopia uses its public IP address to determine its approximate location and routes them to the RD Collection in the nearest region.
  • Custom Collection Sizing – Minimizes Session Host numbers and reduces costs by enabling per-region user limits, across any number of Collection Pools.
  • Dynamic Server Uptime – When enabled, itopia will monitor the number of active users in each RD Collection, dynamically starting and stopping Session Host instances to satisfy the current number of users. Admins can also specify a minimum number of servers in each region to be always-on, while itopia will monitor and adjust the remaining Session Hosts to match real-time demand.

Additionally, the latest release of itopia adds additional security with a new administrative model using Proxy Execution Service (PES). With Google Cloud’s latest KMS system updates, a public IP interface is no longer required on Windows VMs. PES gives customers peace of mind in knowing that all administrative commands can now be transmitted over the internal Google Cloud network.

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