itopia Enables Enterprises to Work From Home on Google Cloud within 24 Hours

As organizations urgently redeploy employees to work from home, itopia equips workers with secure, remote workspaces in as quickly as one day.

itopia Enables Enterprises to Work From Home on Google Cloud within 24 Hours

itopia, leading provider of Windows desktop & app environments on Google Cloud, announced that it is prioritizing deployments related to business continuity and enabling businesses to deliver secure, virtual workspaces on any device for their employees. As businesses rush to equip the mass migration of their office workers for remote work, itopia’s cloud automation technology makes this transition possible within one day on Google Cloud.

“In the midst of the current health crisis related to COVID-19, itopia is here to help businesses continue their operations,” said Jonathan Lieberman, CEO of itopia. “We’re committed to making the work-from-home transition as seamless as possible. By spinning up secure, remote work environments for our customers on the world’s widest-reaching cloud network, itopia is helping businesses keep their employees safe, healthy, and productive.”

itopia is a cloud-native automation and orchestration solution enabling Desktop as a Service (DaaS) on Google Cloud. itopia uses automation to rapidly provision cloud environments with Microsoft RDS, simplify IT task management, and auto-scale cloud resources to match real-time user demand.

By prioritizing work-from-home deployments, itopia is showing its commitment to helping organizations stay productive despite the extraordinary workforce challenges of the COVID-19 pandemic. In addition to quick and seamless implementations, organizations may also receive $800 Google Cloud Platform Credit through itopia to get started.

About itopia

Because enterprises need better ways to keep ahead of market transformations, itopia automates and orchestrates infrastructure on Google Cloud, enabling enterprises to shed IT burdens and focus on what they do best. itopia’s core offerings include accelerating VDI migration to Desktop as a Service (DaaS), eliminating infrastructure overhead including Citrix or VMware, and providing a unified management console for securely delivering Windows desktops & apps to distributed workforces.

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