itopia Announces New Monitoring and Insights Capabilities

itopia, the leader in virtual desktop automation and IT lifecycle management for Google Cloud, has added a new “Insights” feature to monitor resource usage.

Monitoring and Insights Capabilities

MIAMI, FL – November 27, 2018 – IT and cloud software automation provider itopia announced a powerful new monitoring feature to give IT pros deep insight into usage in their RDS and server deployments on Google Cloud.

itopia, the leader in virtual desktop automation and lifecycle management for Google Cloud, has added a new “Insights” feature to monitor resource usage in RDS-based and virtual server environments on Google Cloud. This new capability of itopia’s flagship software solution, Cloud Automation Stack (CAS), enables IT administrators to gain a better understanding of the existing activity in their cloud environments in order to make more informed decisions about how to optimize and manage IT. itopia is a strategic Google Cloud Technology Partner, and the CAS software solution is listed in the GCP Marketplace.

This powerful new feature of CAS, enables IT pros to understand four key components of their Google Cloud environments by providing insights into:

  • User activity – Reports on user online activity, including session host utilization on a per user basis.
  • Resource utilization – Provides statistics on RAM and CPU usage throughout the day, week or month.
  • Application usage – Details which applications are being used most frequently and which users are accessing them.
  • File activity – Lists which files users are accessing most often.

itopia has built these new services that are automatically installed in all Windows machines during the deployment process. The services are run in all booted VM’s at regular intervals. Data is saved in the customer’s own GCP project using Google Cloud BigQuery, and is highly secure. In addition, the monitoring data is uploaded from BigQuery to the CAS portal once a day.

“With this new feature, IT administrators now have significant more insight into their deployments on Google Cloud,” said Ubaldo Don, CTO and Co-founder, itopia. He added, “Being able to see exactly what users are actually doing and what resources are being utilized the most empowers them to make better management decisions to truly optimize their RDS and server deployments.”

The new insights features are immediately available for all new deployments. Implementation for existing deployments will occur in phases. Feel free to contact the itopia support team for more information.

About itopia

itopia’s Cloud Automation Stack (CAS) technology is the industry’s leading enterprise IT infrastructure management solution purpose-built for Google Cloud Platform (GCP) environments. CAS gives enterprise IT departments and service providers the ability to automate all things IT on GCP, including: virtual desktops and applications, graphic workstations, hybrid Active Directory (AD) environments, AD-based disaster recovery and Windows and Linux virtual machines—all through a single pane of glass management portal.  For more information on itopia’s solutions please visit:

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