The future of work
is in the browser

The itopia platform enables enterprises to securely access 

their most important programs and data from any web browser

Stream apps for workers and students on an effortlessly scalable cloud platform

itopia’s platform streams containerized apps and desktops to end-users by combining cloud orchestration and automation with data loss prevention and web streaming. Based on open-source technology, itopia is a powerful platform for building cloud-native commercial products.

Simple with no backend tech

Enables workers and students to access their work from anywhere and any device

Deliver video and high-end graphics with low latency

Stream graphics-intensive content at 60fps with HD resolutions for both video and multi-channel audio

Secure by design

With governance and productivity features that weren’t possible before

How it works


Stream anything
Deliver compute-intensive applications and environments with all dependencies via the browser on any device to distributed teams


Performance at any scale
Work faster than on local machines. itopia scales proactively to thousands of users


There's no back-end tech to manage. No need for more engineers and no time for setup

Imagine the possibilities

Activate the most advanced hybrid work streaming solution for your team

Pre-configured apps and environments

Images of popular apps for developers and students are available on demand, or bring your own container

Integrate with ease

Through Command Line Interface (CLI) and Application Programming Interface (API), use itopia to automate administrative tasks

Programmatic security

Security and compliance controls are as granular as you need them with end-point isolation control


Implement single sign-on and multi-factor authentication with access control and logging, as well as egress filtering by CIDR range and domain