Escaping the Inefficiencies of AWS WorkSpaces

Customer can escape the inefficiencies of AWS WorkSpaces by switching to itopia and Google Cloud.

Escaping the Inefficiencies of AWS WorkSpaces

How can businesses avoid the killer inefficiencies of AWS WorkSpaces? 

IT admins use itopia and Google Cloud to deliver virtual desktops, apps, and updates more efficiently than on AWS. itopia and Google Cloud provide the fastest end-user performance and highest reliability at a fraction of AWS’s cost. 

So what does itopia + Google Cloud have that AWS doesn’t?

Greater flexibility: Unlike Amazon WorkSpaces, itopia gives an IT admin flexibility in terms of how they wish to manage their cloud environment and underlying infrastructure. itopia provides the benefits of a managed service solution, with no limitations to customize the environment and maximize efficiency. 

Cost savings: While itopia costs an average of $0.10 per user each hour, AWS costs an average of $0.21 per user each hour. With itopia, IT admins can auto-scale resources, as well as automatically power VMs on & off according to schedule, to match end-user demand and maximize cost savings. itopia drives significant cost savings with multi-user sessions, right-sized environments, and fully automated lifecycle management.

Streamlined controls: Sysadmins can easily manage a global workforce from itopia’s wizard-based console, whereas AWS features various complicated control panels with steep a learning curve.

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