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itopia CloudApps Classroom makes high-tech education easy to provide and accessible for all

itopia’s mission is to create equitable learning environments and provide access to applications via a browser. We are enabling thousands of students across North America to access industry standard applications and tools directly from the browser, regardless of the device. Educators and district leaders leverage itopia to make data-informed decisions around application needs and usage.

With labor shortages in many high-skill, high-wage industries, post-college success depends more on the skills you’ve developed than the school you attended or the major you pursued. Take us for a test drive!

Key Benefits

Increase Digital Access

Equitable access to technology refers to all students having access to technology and information regardless of their ethnicity, socio-economic status, age, physical ability, or any other quality.

Expand School Curricula

itopia CloudApps Classroom includes a catalog of pre-configured software that students commonly use for CTE and other courses. Teachers can easily add classes by selecting the applications they want to use. 

Simplify the Use of Education Technology

itopia CloudApps Classroom is fully-managed and hosted by itopia on Google Cloud. Labs integrates with tools educators are already using, including Google Classroom, Google Workspace for identity and access, and Google Drive for students’ work.

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Microsoft Office

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Available Apps

Common Use Cases

Cloud apps classrooms provide an opportunity for students to access required applications from anywhere. At home, students don’t have to have software installed locally as itopia CloudApps Classroom becomes the backbone for learning.

Easily switch between in-person and remote classes

Maximize 1:1 device initiatives

Supplement or replace onsite computer labs

Enable CTE and Project Lead the Way

Add courses to district curriculum

Utilize government grants for remote learning

Equitable access to technology refers to all students having access to technology and information regardless of their ethnicity, socio-economic status, age, physical ability, or any other quality.

School Access

of schools reported having problems with internet connections or speed


said that outdated computers or software was a large or moderate challenge

Overall Quality

of schools rated the overall quality of their software for teaching and learning as good

Limited Access

of schools surveyed let students in all grades take school-provided computers home

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Labs help provide access to popular industry certification applications

Industry Certifications can improve academic performance and provide significant advantages to professionals and job canidates

IT professionals with certifications have an average salary of $111,334, or 7% more than non-certified professionals.
Higher graduation rates for certified high school students (compared to an average of 78.4%)
of hiring managers report certification is an important criterion for hiring.

What Education Leaders Say About Us

To prepare students for real-world design and engineering jobs, many school districts trust itopia CloudApps Classroom to support students in graduating ready for college and/or a career in spite of any and all challenges. Students who work on projects design to give them real-life experiences, such as designing business logos and editing images with Adobe Photoshop, rely on itopia CloudApps Classroom.

Allen Smith
CTE Teacher - CUSD

When we fired up Autodesk’s AutoCAD program on Chromebooks and itopia, I saw no latency, even when I threw every task at it. That’s amazing to me!

Jessica Naeve
Head of Product Marketing - Adobe

It’s exciting to see itopia help Chromebook students run full-powered software on school-issued Chromebooks.

Carlos Vazquez
CSTA Miami - Founding President

Itopia extends access to critical learning tools that not only impact the lives of students at schools, but sets them up for success in their careers.