Is Your Business Ready for Remote Working?

As cities across the globe begin to implement quarantine procedures to prevent the spread of COVID-19, enterprises are faced with unique challenges. Businesses must act to keep their employees safe while continuing day-to-day operations. Enabling remote workers by equipping them with secure, remote desktops in the cloud ensures that your workforce remains productive and your business runs uninterrupted. Here are the key considerations to review for ensuring your company is prepared for working through natural disasters:

COVID-19 Preparedness Checklist

  • Have a “people plan”: Ensure you have a documented employee plan that allows your people to work from home if they are sick, or if a quarantine prevents them from coming into the office.
  • The resources your employees need: If your workers cannot come into the office, make sure they have access to the sensitive data and applications they need to continue fulfilling their daily responsibilities.
  • Are your end-user devices secure?: If you’re going to allow your employees to work from home, make sure they are accessing their company data securely. By enabling workers with remote desktops, you can prevent an unwanted data breach by keeping sensitive data in the cloud, while allowing employees to work from any device.
  • Data recovery and loss prevention: In the event of a widespread pandemic, it’s important that you have a business continuity plan to mitigate the risk of any harmful situation. Make sure your data is backed up with multi-region redundancy in the cloud to account for any unforeseen geopolitical events.
  • Reliable infrastructure that scales on-demand: Make sure you have the IT infrastructure that meets the various needs of multiple departments and office locations. By quickly spinning up new cloud desktop infrastructure on-demand as needed, you can equip your workers in any region of the world with cloud desktops and apps within minutes -- securely and reliably.

Stay Productive During Disastrous Events

  • Migrate Legacy VDI to Google Cloud
  • Slash Compute Spend with Automation
  • Deliver Windows Desktops to Any Device

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