Unlock Microsoft Workloads on GCP with itopia SPLA License Management

Google Marketplace Monitoring and Management Program by itopia

Used by Leading Enterprises:

Digitize your applications & technical infrastructure in the Google Cloud

SMB & Enterprise customers are taking the initiative to digitize their applications and technical infrastructure in the Google Cloud. Now more than ever, Digital Transformation Teams require cutting-edge tools & resources to power this digital revolution–with Windows Workloads playing an essential role.

Cloud Compliance Manager (CCM) enables customers to accelerate their digital transformation by enabling large datacenter exits by combining competitive Microsoft license pricing with a fully-managed solution to simplify and reduce your license management.

CCM is in full compliance with MS, our pricing is more competitive than MS and AWS, and MS has confirmed that this program can continue as-is until at least September 30, 2025.

Windows Workloads on GCP Are Growing Rapidly

Deliver large datacenter workloads with competitive pricing via Marketplace

Simple License Management System

Customers eliminate the need to maintain complex Microsoft licensing agreements and Software Assurance 

Burn Down Customer Commits

Available through Mkt place itopia manages the end-to-end process of procuring and monitoring Microsoft SPLA

Predictable Cost 

License at the hardware level for a predictable cost model regardless of VM usage or overcommit levels

Migrate Workloads to GCP Faster

Remove the #1 blocker for enterprises to move critical Windows workloads to GCP and become more competitive with AWS and Azure

Most Competitive SPLA Offering

Simple Migrations

Enable simple migration of data center workloads into Google Cloud 

Easy to Use

Access to an easy to use portal to monitor SPLA usage on GCP 

Fully Managed

Delivery a fully managed service and remove Microsoft burden from customer

Microsoft Licenses

Provide access to Microsoft licenses that otherwise could not be offered on GCP

Procure Other Licenses

Procure additional Microsoft SPLA for SQL Server, Office and other licenses

Best Fits

The tools developers know and love

itopia’s SPLA Management & Monitoring Services

Bare-metal Monitoring

  • This module provides monitoring of host servers and VM health for Google Cloud VMware Engine (GCVE) and GCP sole-tenant nodes (STN)
  • This module only requires programmatic API access to GCVE (via the vSphere API) or to a scoped set of GCP IAM permissions 
  • itopia has no access to customer data or workloads

Helpdesk Support

  • Level 1 Helpdesk support for the MSFT products licensed through this service
  • Access to the itopia Management Portal, which allows customers to view details about their environment health
  • Reports on licensing status, access to updated installation media for licensed products
  • Track alerts and helpdesk tickets
  • itopia has no access to customer data or workloads
itopia Spaces

Burn-down GCP Commit via GCP Marketplace

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