Total browser security for education

itopia’s security solution for education provides AI-powered malware and phishing protection, YouTube and web content filtering, and deep browser analytics.

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Affordable browser-focused security wherever your students browse and learn.

itopia SecureFilter browser security is fast and comprehensive.

Students, threat actors, and threatening content most often meet at the web browser. And that’s where all itopia solutions – including itopia SecureFilter and our supporting services – are focused.

itopia SecureFilter classifies objectionable web content in real-time, including hate speech, child abuse, violence, fake news, and much more. What categories of content do you filter today? SecureFilter adapts to your chosen taxonomy with highly customizable options.

Web content is mapped by AI technology into nearly 500 categories with more than 99% coverage and accuracy, including support for 200+ languages. Exclusive category mapping provides seamless and transparent integration with your taxonomies.

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The Facts About itopia SecureFilter

Malicious and Phishing Detections

SecureFilter uses proprietary detectors for malicious and phishing attacks that are informed by highly-curated third-party feeds. SecureFilter provides the most comprehensive protection from known and emerging threats.

More than 99% Coverage and Accuracy

SecureFilter achieves more than 99% accurate coverage of active URLS that are visited daily by our expansive partner networks – comprising more than one billion users and endpoints.

Up to 500 Unique Content Categories

SecureFilter’s granular taxonomy includes nearly 500 unique categories of content for your filtering selections, plus configurable filtering options so you can map content categories to your own taxonomies.

200+ Languages are Supported

SecureFilter features the best language support by country. It covers over 200 languages worldwide and is backed by human-supervised AI systems.

Daily and Real-time Updates

SecureFilter receives continuous updates of newly categorized URLs each day, ensuring your app has up-to-the-minute accuracy, and that new, emerging threats are detected rapidly.

Stop Phishing Attacks with itopia SecureFilter

With unmatched quality and accuracy, SecureFilter offers:

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Stop Malware in its Tracks with SecureFilter

SecureFilter Malware Protection:

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