Quickly Deploy Apps to the Cloud the Easy Way

Quickly Deploy Apps to the Cloud the Easy Way

We reduce your IT staff’s workload by automating every aspect of GCP so enterprises can stop wrestling with complex infrastructures and focus on doing what they do best.

We make it faster and easier to deploy apps and desktops to the cloud with itopia Cloud Automation Stack (CAS): innovative, easy to use technology that delivers a fast and easy solution for desktops and apps in the cloud that saves you time and money.

itopia Makes App Delivery Simpler

itopia enables your remote workers to directly launch Windows apps remotely, with an experience like on-premises installations. A wide range of apps are available for remote access, including the most popular business apps like Microsoft365 and Adobe Photoshop.

itopia does this by orchestrating Microsoft RDS on Google Cloud, making remote desktops fast to deploy, secure, and easy to manage. Because itopia delivers and orchestrates a pure RDS environment to IT, unlimited customization is possible through the unified itopia management console.

Windows apps are deployed on Virtual Machines that are created by itopia. Those VMs are continuously monitored and can be centrally managed to peak efficiency.

App Access & License Tracking

Itopia includes powerful but simple to use tools that allow you to control access to apps, including trackable user counts. This is possibly by pairing Windows apps with Collections that are created and dynamically managed by itopia.

Licenses and product keys are also stored in a secure enclave that’s only accessible to IT admins.

Maintain Custom Images of OS & Apps

Itopia provides a simple way to configure virtual machines with OS, app and settings. That resulting image can automatically be replicated across additional VMs, either manually or via itopia Autoscaling.

You can build custom Windows OS and App images and assign them to remote worker groups that you define in any region worldwide. File shares and user permissions can be managed centrally, too.