how developers code
in the cloud

itopia Spaces is a secure, serverless platform where developers code in powerful containerized spaces, and enterprises increase security and productivity.

Why Developers like itopia Spaces:

  • Accessible from anywhere – Spaces runs as a Progressive Web App integrated into a local browser, so developers can access codebases and multiple projects from any device.
  • More time to be productive – Developers spend a lot less time configuring with instant access to multiple environments, versions, toolsets, and additional compute resources.
  • Personalized to how they want to work – Environments are easily configured with any Linux-based IDEs and tools, such as VS Code and IntelliJ.

Why Enterprises like itopia Spaces:

  • Simpler to deploy and manage – Spaces eliminates endpoint management. New developers and environments can be onboarded to the platform in minutes vs. days.
  • More flexible and scalable – Configurable instance sizing and serverless architecture make scaling compute resources easy. Spaces is a fully-managed service running on Kubernetes.
  • Secure by design – By centralizing the codebase, providing endpoint isolation, and managing ingress / egress, Spaces protects against exfiltration of IP and sensitive data.

Example Use Case

An enterprise data company on the West coast needed a more secure, productive way to onboard and manage internal and third party software developers that spanned multiple regions. With itopia, the company reduced developer onboarding time from 2-4 weeks to minutes, easily supported globally distributed development teams, and added granular controls and access to meet security and compliance standards.

itopia Spaces is part of a portfolio of solutions designed by itopia to revolutionize how people work, create, and learn in the cloud. Since 2013, itopia has been helping leading companies in software development, healthcare, education, contact center/BPO, telco, and manufacturing increase productivity through cloud automation and orchestration.

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