Set Up Remote Workers
in One Day

Imagine. A remote workforce that you can scale up or down whenever you need to, effortlessly and securely. Every worker has a customized Windows® desktop that’s secure and easy to manage.

It’s real. It’s itopia. Discover more.

Why is itopia + Google Cloud Platform the best choice?

Together, itopia and Google unlock every benefit of the Google Cloud Platform while crushing the complexity of the last generation’s technology infrastructures. We’ll take one of your most complex, trouble-prone environments and make it secure, fast, and easy to manage, so you can:

  • Ramp up and empower a mobile workforce at any scale, anytime
  • Earn higher user satisfaction from a distraction-free work force
  • Give your hard-working teams an environment they can learn and use much faster and more easily
  • Help your teams deliver value, not infrastructure maintenance
Financial Services
Reduce your data center footprint and ensure data security with central control of user devices. Companies undergoing M&A can quickly onboard new workers at any scale with secure access to critical Windows apps from Day One to accelerate productivity. Ensure seamless business continuity by adhering to compliance mandates and safeguarding against data breaches.
Health Care

Clinicians can access Windows apps to pull up patient information from any device as they work within their hospital or clinic or remotely. Sensitive data is protected in the cloud rather than being held on user devices, adhering HIPAA compliance and keeping patient data safe.


Workers across the supply chain can access Windows apps such as AutoCAD, or ERP systems such as SAP from any device, anywhere. Reduce your data center footprint and make hardware refresh cycles and rising capital expenditures a thing of the past.


Students and faculty can access Windows apps such as MATLAB, Adobe Photoshop, and Microsoft Excel on any device, including low-cost Chromebooks. Cloud resources can be automatically scaled up and down in real-time to meet daily and seasonal school-year demand.

Call Centers

itopia’s cloud-native software simplifies the delivery of remote desktops and apps on Google Cloud Platform. Now, call center workers can securely access their key apps from their own devices and maintain productivity immediately, without the need for additional IT overhead or complex IT management products. itopia provides the fastest, easiest, and most cost-effective solution to quickly enabling developers & QA teams to work from home securely from any device.


itopia orchestrates Microsoft RDS and Compute Engine, enabling the rapid deployment of remote desktops & apps to workers on any device. itopia provides the fastest, easiest, and most cost-effective way to enable employees to work from home securely from any device within a single day. No army of IT admins required to provision and maintain the environments. itopia simplifies management and orchestrates the environments from a single easy-to-use control panel.